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About Us

We work in collaboration with our clients, not just for our clients.

For entrepreneurs who need help making their business idea reality, Qraft is a a collective of technical and commercial specialists that can build any app you want. Unlike big software companies, we deliver working solutions in a reasonable timeframe and for a reasonable amount of money. We have a fantastic track record of delivering on time and within budget.


We are


About Us

Meet Rachid, Our CEO

“When you want to scale, you should keep out of your companies’ comfort box. Keep moving and looking forward even when it means to take baby steps.”

– Rachid

We'll analyse your current state of affairs and see where and how we can increase your revenue.


We can infuse your tech team with new energy and make sure they implement industry standards to raise the quality of your code.


Are the protocols and measures you currently have in place secure enough ? How about compliance with the GDPR?


We can take over all the tech you need, so you can focus solely on building and growing your company.


We can keep your existing application up to date and hardened against the latest vulnerabilities and make sure there are daily back-ups.

Due Diligence

You want to invest into a company, but are not sure about the risks involved with the tech stack? We can screen that for you and supply an extensive report.

FS Web Engineer / CEO

Rachid Al Maach

FS Web Engineer / QA

Gerard de Brieder

Frontend Engineer

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FS Web Engineer / DevOps

Wes Oldebeuving